About Us

Some Features of Rotary and Blood Bank Society Resource Centre (Blood Centre 37)

License for Operation as a Blood Bank

The Blood Resource centre is an authorized centre by the drug controller general of India for processing of Whole Blood, Blood Components and Apheresis. As per the policy of the Drug Controller General of India, a team from the office of Drug Controller, U.T Chandigarh conducts periodic checks to observe the functioning of the Blood Centre.

Blood demand and supply

The blood and blood components were issued as per the demand of various hospitals in Chandigarh and adjoining areas in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

In accordance with the national policy the Blood Centre coordinates its activities closely with National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) and State Aids Control Organisation (SACO). In accordance with the mandatory instructions of NACO/SACO, a detailed report on various parameters is sent to the concerned authorities regularly. The reports include information on each month’s blood collection and issue, its testing for various diseases, the number of positive units discarded due to various reasons, the state of equipment and other technical aspects.

Mandatory Tests

All blood collected by the Centre undergoes five mandatory screening tests as prescribed by the National Blood Transfusion Policy (Government of India) as follows:

  • HIV 
  • Hepatitis B Virus
  • Hepatitis C Virus
  • Syphilis
  • Malaria

Blood Donation Camps

The Blood Centre-37 conducts, on an average, ten to twelve blood donation camps at various places every month. The donors are counselled before and after donation thoroughly on all aspects of blood donation by highly trained and dedicated staff of this Centre including the Director, Blood Transfusion Officer and a professional Counsellor.

Managing  Committee

  • Mr. Anil Nehru, Chairman
  • Mr. R.K.Saboo, President
  • Mrs. Niti Sarin,Secretary
  • Mrs. Surinder Paul Kaur, Administrator
  • Mr. Anil Khanna,Treasurer
  • Dr. Manish Rai, Director
  • Mr Jagesh K. Khaitan
  • Mr. K.S. Arya
  • Mr. Madhukar Malhotra
  • Mr. M.L.Sarin
  • Mr Charanjit Singh
  • Mrs. Vanita Sahni
  • Dr. Malvika Goswamy
  • Mr Pawan Katia

Governing Council

  • Mr. R.K.Saboo, President
  • Mr. Anil Nehru, Chairman, Managing Committee
  • Mrs. Niti Sarin, Secretary
  • Mrs. Surinder Paul Kaur, Administrator
  • Mr. Anil Khanna, Treasurer
  • Dr.Manish Rai, Director
  • Mr. Arvind Mahajan
  • Mr. A.P.Singh
  • Mr. Sukhjit Singh Gill
  • Mr. G.S. Chawla
  • Mr. Keshav Malhotra
  • Mr. K.S.Arya
  • Mr Parveen C. Goyal
  • Mr.M. L. Sarin
  • Mrs. Sukrita Singh
  • Dr. Malvika Goswamy
  • Mrs.Vanita Sahni
  • Mr Munish Jauhar


No Name Designation
1. Mrs. Surinder Paul Kaur Administrator

Technical Team

No Name Designation
1 Dr. Manish Rai Director
2 Dr. Roli Agarwal Blood Transfusion Officer
3 Mr. Vijay Sudan Technical Supervisor -1
4 Mr. Vivek Sharma Technical Supervisor -2